HAIER Ultra Low Freezer Volume 578 L

-86 ° C freezer with optimized design of the refrigeration system with intelligently controlled condenser fan for higher energy savings.

Artikelnr.: DW-86L578S



Spezification 578 L

– with digital temperature display.
– Microprocessor temperature control.
– Temperature range -40 ° C ~ -86 ° C Adjustable 1 ° C increments.
– Fault signal for audible and visual alarm for high and low temperatures,
  Over or under voltage, temperature sensor, filter sensor, high ambient temperatures and power failure.
– Multiple protection mechanisms with password input, compressor start delay, high and low pressure switch.
– Controller at the front of the cabinet door with display of alarm messages.
– With optimized cascade refrigeration system.
– 2 pcs. Danfoss compressors.
– Extra thick, high density insulation.
– With triple sealing to reduce ice formation.
– Specially developed control system to protect the II stage in order to prevent overloading of the second compressor.
– With an LED display to show the temperature, set point, ambient temperature and input voltage.
– Adjustable high and low temperature alarm values​​.
– Several shelves.
– Lockable to prevent unauthorized access.
– +10 ° C ~ +32 ° C ambient temperature = working temperature range.
– Pressure equalization port for fast opening after closing the door.
– Intelligently controlled condenser fan for higher energy savings.
– Improved insulation performance vacuum panels.
– Small footprint.

External Dimensions (WxDxH): 1035x900x1980 mm
Interior Dimensions (WxDxH): 760x630x1310 mm
Weight: 301 Kg net

max. 20 racks 5 x 4 for standard boxes 136 x 136 x 52 mm


Prospekt Haier DW-86L578S mit Dual Kühlsystem

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