HAIER ECO -86°C Ultra Low Freezer, Volume 578 L

-86 ° C freezer energy saving and running with natural refrigerant. Energy consumption 10.5 kW/24h, setpoint -80 ° C without load at +25 ° C ambient temperature.

Artikelnr.: DW-86L578J




– Energy-efficient 10.5 kW/24h consumption *
– Natural refrigerants
– Reliable sample protection
– Excellent thermal performance of insulation
– Multialarmsytem
* (The data were from the National Center of Quality Supervision and Safety
Testing of Electronics & Electrical products tested)


– VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel) design with great isolation factor saves heat loss to the cabinet to 25%.
– High efficiency of natural refrigerant efficient by 45% over the previous Models.
– Four separate insulated inner doors to maintain the cold air in the inner.
– Pressure balancing valve provides easy opening after closing the door.
– Low noise unit: 50 dB (A)

Alarms (visual and audible)

– Adjustable high / low temperature alarm
– Sensor error
– Low battery
– Door open
– Power failure
– Temperature sensor fault
– A dirty condenser
– High ambient temperature
– Remote alarm contact


External WxDxH:  900x980x1980 (mm)
Interior WxDxH:   620x716x1310 (mm)
Net Weight: 311 Kg
max. stainless steel racks: 16 pcs. 5×5 for 2 “Boxes
Climate class: N


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